Parent company of, as mentioned in the cover story of Forbes prestigious 2006 Billionaire's issue




(June 11, 2008 ) KTVU - Son Named 'Person Of Interest' In Couple's Slaying


(Feb. 5, 2008 ) The Philadelphia Inquirer: Jinxed by Gisele, a la Jessica? Interview with

(Feb. 1, 2008 ) Radar: NBC's Poker After Dark Player's Child Molesting Past: Sheikhan's past was first noted by, and the story was picked up by select blogs.

(January 25, 2008 ) New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl Betting Odds New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl betting odds can be found at all of's most prestigious online sportsbooks. 

(January 9, 2008 ) Chris Costigan on ABC News: Interview with ABC news regarding Political Betting. To view the segment, click here.

(November 7 , 2007) The Tussle in the Temple - interviewed live on MTV Canada - Click here to watch the segment.

(November 6, 2007) Freakonomics: What Do You Have to Say About Ron Paul? Commentary from the New York Times: mentioned.

(October 15, 2007) Fans making a profit on Rockies magically run. Before the season began, it is safe to say that the Colorado Rockies were an afterthought in oddsmakers' minds. quoted for odds on the World Series.

(October 13, 2007) Success makes Packers a sure bet among fans - A lot of people are betting on the Packers to keep winning.
Interview with from Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers

(September 9, 2007) New York Post: NFL'S OPENING KICKOFF NOT BY THE BOOK(IE) - Quote from

(September 2, 2007) Business Talk Radio: Interview with Christopher Costigan about Odds and Skill Gaming - Click here to listen

(August 30, 2007) Chief Executive: Clinton Is Favored to Win By Oddsmakers - Interviewed

(August 10, 2007)The Huffington Post mentions odds from Interview with 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

(July 25, 2007) NBA's Stern Calls Referee Case 'Isolated'

(June 8, 2007) ABC News: Tony Soprano Lives -- or Dies: Place Your Bets

(June 7, 2007) Bloomberg News: Online site takes wagers on 'The Sopranos' outcome

(June 1, 2007) SF Chronicle: ONLINE GAMBLING CRAZE: Internet sites post odds and take wagers on national contest Casino risqué - Online gambling, extreme fighting, heat from U.S. authorities—the fabulous (and somewhat murky) world of Calvin Ayre, farm boy-turned-tycoon

(April 27, 2007) Red Herring: Online Gambling on MySpace? by Cassimir Medford
Legal web gambling will open $7B window for VCs and sites like Facebook or Revver.

(April 11, 2007) Navy Times: J-Lo gives ‘Idol’ sailor high marks - quoted on American Idol Odds

(March 28, 2007) The UK Register : New York online gambling racket goes postal

(March 24, 2007) New York Times: Mention of in reference to American Idol Odds

(March 13, 2007) Calvin Ayre Says "Hogwash!" CNBC recap by Darren Rovell

(January 31, 2007) FOX News: Justice Department Needs New Priorities, Not New Prosecutors article linked within story

(January 18, 2007) Neteller Arrests Bode Ill for Online Gambling Chris Costigan Interviewed

(January 18, 2007) NETeller arrests deal blow to Net gambling Gambling911 Interviewed

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(January 9, 2007) Congressional briefing: Gamblers give Brownback 8-1 odds of winning GOP Click here to read

(December 27, 2006) Gambling sites play double or quits- Gambling911 quoted as a source.

(December 5, 2006) profiled on Alberta Canada news Click here for the article and Video Clip

(November 24, 2006) Fox Sports: Too Deep Zone: Falcons Mash-Up - Gambling911 mention

(November 23, 2006) The Register: Tiny Antigua grabs the US by its illegal, online dice Gambling911 interviewed

(November 17, 2006)Desmoines Register: Poker players: We helped beat Leach

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(November 16, 2006) Internet gambling soars, Congress tries to slow it down : Site incorrectly references, but still a mention.

(November 10, 2006) Red Herring: BETonSPORTS Cashes Out - Christopher Costigan Interviewed

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(October 3 , 2006) AND Media Syndicated Content Provider: Miss Ghana Breast Implant Snag

(Sept 25, 2006) The Vancouver Sun: Calvin Ayre: King of Internet gambling won't set foot in U.S.

(Sept 20, 2006) Red Herring: BETonSPORTS Folds in Missouri Online gambling firm seeks to cop plea in the face of racketeering charges:

(Sept 10, 2006) New York Post: GAME OF CHANCE PROSECUTORS GAMBLE WITH ONLINE PROBES Quote from Christopher Costigan

(Sept 5, 2006) MTV1 Canada Interviews Chris Costigan on live Emmy's TV coverage

(Sept 1, 2006) Denver Post: You can wager on Brangelina's future and how many hurricanes will hit. Click here for the story where is highlighted.

(Sept 1, 2006) BETonSPORTS Mum on Deposits - While the U.S. prepares its case, the shell-shocked industry wonders about customer funds. interviewed

(August 11, 2006) BETonSPORTS Folds US Hand - Beleaguered online betting company will pay U.S. debts and focus on Asian business. quoted

(July 31, 2006) Carruthers to Stay in Custody After Please - A.P. News quoted

(July 31, 2006) Costa Rica's Al Dia inteviews Chris Costigan about BOS David Carruthers Click here to read the Spanish Version

(July 30, 2006) ICBirmingham UK - Website betting boss told to give up Mr Big Click here for the interview

(July 29, 2006) Daniels to return to NYC stage: referenced about Daniel's Roast and Pamela Anderson reaction

(July 28, 2006) The Red Herring:US Nabs Web Gambling Agents
The arrests come on the heels of the high-profile indictments of 11 executives and consultants affiliated with BETonSPORTS and three marketing firms connected with BETonSPORTS Interview Here

(July 25, 2006) The Red Herring: BOS Fires CEO Costigan Media interviewed

(July 23, 2006) The Mail (UK) - Hookers and high rollers: Why British web chief faces 50 years. Interview with Chris Costigan.

(July 13, 2006) US Outlaws Online Gambling - The Red Herring interviews Chris Costigan about the online gambling ban bill.

(July 4, 2006) On Internet gambling sites, thousands nationwide now are betting on hurricanes. Pensacola Journal Inteviews

(July 2, 2006) Gamblers place their bets on 2006 storm season
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. _ When Tropical Storm Alberto rolled out of the Caribbean in early June making a beeline for the Florida Panhandle, the oddsmakers perked up. Christopher Costigan interviewed.

(June 5, 2006) As seen on Neil Cavuto 'Your World'

For more on this coverage by Fox, click here.







(June 1, 2006)

AOL splash page coverage on Hurricane Betting:

Poll from AOL users asking, "Is it wrong to bet on hurricanes? "



(June 1, 2006) Reuters interviews and it goes to all media outlets, including AOL - Hurricane Season Fuels Wagering Frenzy

(June 1, 2006) Bet on hurricanes? You bet you can - Article by

(May 30, 2006) Miami Heralds interviews regardng hurricane wagering.






(May 26, 2006) Is online gambling legal in the U.S.? A new bill says no, but challenges await.


(May 29, 2006) CBS News 4 Miami interviewed Chris Costigan on the popularity of hurricane bettingSee the video here archived as "Hurricane Betting: The New Craze" in the video section using arrows.

'American Idol' Develops New Pastime: Predicting The Winners And Losers (April 14, 2006) If link is not working, click here

The Capital Times referenced about office pools & March Madness (March 20, 2006) mentioned in the prestigious issue's cover story about founder and newest billionaire, Calvin Ayre (March 9, 2006) If the link is not working, click here interviewed by Forbes (March 9, 2006) If the link is not working, click here. If the link is not working, click here

Red Herring interviews Chris Costigan - "Gambling Law Likely Doomed " (February 20, 2006) If the link is not working, click here.

The Winnepeg Sun interviews Mr. Costigan about Bodog (February 14, 2006) If the link is not working, click here.

Calgary Sun quotes Christopher Costigan (February 13, 2006) If the link is not working, click here interviewed by Slam! Sports (February 13, 2006) If link not working, click here to read. Founder Chris Costigan Interviewed on FOX TV Morning Show - Real Media Streaming Video for DSL/Cable (February 5, 2006) If link not working,click here to read. refereced in North Carolina's News & Observer (February 5, 2006) If link not working,click here to read. CEO Chris Costigan quoted in The Cincinnati Enquirer (January 30 , 2006)

Candice Michelle Commercial and Betting on the King  (January 29, 2006)

Costigan Media launches web site (January 26, 2006)