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Rolling Stone Accidentally Kills Off Bruce Springsteen Betting

We had no idea that a Super Bowl-related post on this Website would have such huge repercussions in Las Vegas: According to gambling site Gambling911, our article yesterday about the insane prop bets involving Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance has led to the cancellation of all Springsteen-related wagers on sites like, which was mentioned in the story.

Yesterday, we kind of hinted which of the many pre-made Halftime Playlist options would be the winning combination (the answer was “Playlist H: Any Other Song Combination Not Listed”). We guess our readers took our little insider information tip to heart, because this happened: “We had to close the Springsteen half time show (betting) prop as too many people were pounding the favored ‘Any Other’ selection’”, spokesperson Dave Stanley told Gambling911. “After some investigation we found an article appearing in Rolling Stone that offered some clue as to what songs Springsteen would be performing.”

So somehow, Rock Daily changed the course of Super Bowl betting. Let us first apologize to all those people who placed a bet on the winning selection before our blog post. For what it’s worth, you were betting a maximum $50 to win $17, so it’s not like you had thousands of dollars invested there. To all those who bet on a losing Playlist option and thus we saved you $50, you’re welcome. And if you had money invested in crazy prop bets like whether or not Patty Scialfa would have a wardrobe malfunction or Courteney Cox was going to dance onstage, let us remind that we’re in the middle of a recession. But there’s no reason why we can’t continue the fun here — leave your bets in the comments! Rock Daily will be in Tampa, Florida, for the Big Game all weekend bringing you all-access Super Bowl-and-Springsteen coverage, so stay tuned for our reports.



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