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Even gamblers shocked by Aguilera error

fox highlights's Prop Bet story on Christina Aguilera.

New York Post Quotes Gambling 911 on Idol Odds

other news -- a Web site that tracks online sports betting odds but also reports on reality-show odds as a sidelight -- says that bettor interest in "Idol" has fallen sharply.

Adam and Kris have 'American Idol' Showdown

other news was interviewed for a story on American Idol Odds. Will the next "American Idol" be bold, brassy and wicked? Or the angelic dark horse? That's the tantalizing choice this week as America's favorite show heads into its eighth-season finale, pitting L.A. stage performer Adam Lambert against the soulful, devout Christian, Kris Allen.

Rolling Stone Accidentally Kills Off Bruce Springsteen Betting

Rolling Stones news

Rolling Stone features odds from and shuts down odds betting in Las Vegas.

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