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New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl Betting Odds

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl betting odds can be found at all of's most prestigious online sportsbooks.  But there are some important things one needs to know when betting the 2008 Super Bowl online.

1.  Check for value.  Some online sportsbooks will have a different line on the Super Bowl and even a half point can make all the difference in the world if the game falls on a specific number.

2.  Don't just bet the game.  Look for the best New York Giants vs New England Patriots Super Bowl propositions, such as odds on who will get the first touchdown and first team to have an interception.  This is also a time for funny props such as the one that we mentioned on Fox News two years ago: Will the Burger King score a touchdown (yep, odds on a Burger King commercial).  Because there are so many propositions available, the gambler has the advantage over the bookie who can't possibly focus on all that is out there in terms of betting options.

3.  Get your bets in early!  Don't wait until Super Bowl day.  You will encounter difficulty accessing some websites.  It is the busiest single betting day on the planet. 

4.  Don't limit yourself to just online online gambling website, open accounts at two, three, even four in order to take full advantage of top signup/deposit bonuses.

Below you will find each of the Endorsed sportsbooks and what they have to offer our readers in terms of 2008 Super Bowl bonuses (and New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl betting odds). - 10% signup bonus with a nominal rollover requirement.  This is the biggest online sportsbook in terms of number of active clients.  Future betting options include:

Player to Score 1st TD
Player to Score LAST TD
Margin of Victory
First Scoring Play
Team to Score First/Final Result
Double Result
Highest Scoring Quarter
Total Points Scored
Giants Total Points
Patriots Total Points
Last Scoring Play - The oldest established online sports betting website catering to North American clientele since 1985, is offering an amazing 25% signup bonus with any initial deposit over $100.  They also feature in-game betting on every single event taking place during the course of a game.  Add excitement to your Super Bowl party. 

Also get: One free entry to our BookMaker's SuperBowl Prop Contest. One free entry to our BookMaker's SuperBowl Blackjack Tournament One free entry to our BookMaker's March Madness bracket Contest One free $5 SuperBowl Office Pool Square! is offering a huge variety of betting propositions.   This is the largest North American facing sportsbook on the Web in terms of overall volume bet.  They cater to both recreational players and professionals.

Bodog - This outfit may well be the most famous of all the online gambling websites.  Bodog offers a 10% signup bonus for sports and a 110% bonus for its poker room (one of the best in the biz).

Proposition bets are offered on just about everything imaginable.  The important thing to stress about Bodog is their user-friendly website and the fact that we are finding their line has been off from other books offering betting odds on the Giants vs. Patriots in this year's Super Bowl. - This company has been in business for over 12 years now and offers up to a 50% signup bonus depending on how much is deposited (obviously, you'll need to deposit a few thousand to get the 50% back into your account).  A $300 to $499 deposit will get readers 20% of that back while a $500 to $999 deposit will get back 25% (or $250 for a $999 deposit).  A $1000 deposit would mean readers get back $350 into their accounts.  Some other offerings include:

College - one open event
NFL Live - one open event
Alt Spread - 9 open events
Score 1st - 7 open events
1st 7.5 Min - one open event
TD v Other - 14 open events
1st Half - one open event
QB Props - 19 open events
RB Props - 17 open events
WR Props - 4 open events

BetOnline - We've known these folks for nearly 10 years now, even though it might not seem so long.  Betonline (formerly Best Line Sports) is the second oldest tenured online gambling company listed at (after Bodog).  This fact instills confidence in readers for sure.

They are offering a 10% signup bonus when readers select to bet reduced juice.  What does this mean?  Instead of having to lay $1.10 on the Patriots to win $1.00, you only have to lay $1.05 to win $1.00.  The savings (especially over an entire betting season like College Basketball) is enormous!  You can also opt for free play bonuses up to 45% depending on the amount of your deposit.   *Hot tip: BetOnline still had the Giants at +12 at press time January 25, 2008.  - This company has really made a name for itself in recent years and has enjoyed an excellent relationship with over that time.  They are offering a 50% signup bonus so show them some love.  Plenty of 2008 Super Bowl props as well.

Big Juicy Odds This is a relatively new sportsbook which offers......drum roll please....a 10% signup bonus and -103 juice!  BJO offers an alternative place to play for those who might already have accounts with the bigger more established names in the biz.  They do cater to all size players.

Other alternative sportsbooks include:


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

Originally published January 25, 2008 10:17 am EST